Visions for the Solidarity of Global Greens


What are the next steps to succeed with the Solidarity intention in the nest 5 years:


  •   More people should become Global Green member and should pay an amount every year automatically
  •   We could have Online Conferences between interested members to a theme or project
  •   We would have in each 4 Federatiosn a Representative for the Solidarity
  •   Activate Ex-Pat for exchange and information about political elections
    •    Get together at G20 in Bonn and invite people from other Federations who are suffering from Climate changes or in another form (financing by Foundations)
  •   Create a Internet-plattform with informations about BEST PRACTICE – Belgium with West Africa, Westminster with East Africa, Australia with India
  •   in –form of WEBINARS as well or films to put online
  •   Support of arrested Greens – Social Media and direct contact
  •   Support in touristic ways to develop in sustainable tourisme
  •   Twinning projects between Nations
  •   Mongolian project with 3 bil. trees is looking for financial support to continue the work
  •   Personal input to Countries and Greens, were you know the language or the mentality
  •   Financing by Crowd Founding and Foundations for Green or climate change themes


Danielle Cesarov-Zaugg