Global Greens World Congress in Liverpool 30.3.-2.4.2017


Please contact me if you are interested in a participation or if you have questions or ideas!


Danielle Cesarov-Zaugg, Global Greens Delegates from the Green Party in Switzerland, Grüne / Les Verts / I Verdi

Session SOLIDARITY WORKSHOP 31.3.2017  18.30 – 20.00 ROOM 1B

Solidarity for Greens Globally began as a meeting at the 2012 Global Greens Congress in Dakar, Senegal, in which a group of Green activists agreed to form a network to support Green politics globally – a solidarity network.

The purpose is:

1) for Members of the Global Greens (Green Parties, Partners and individual activists) to share how they are already supporting the capacity building of Green Parties internationally;

2) to identify more practical ways to express solidarity with each other;

3) to identify what is needed within the Global Greens organisation to sustain and scale up this solidarity.

Moderation Stiofán Nutty

  • Green Foundation – Lars-Olof Karlsson of the Green Forum describes how they support green partys d within the realm of the Swedish government’s democracy aid.
  • Green Party – Michelle Sheather of the Australian Greens’ International Development Committee explains how the Australian Greens support the development of Green parties in the Asia Pacific Greens Federation.
  • Green Individuals – Danielle Cesarov-Zaugg shares her ideas for how individuals can support one another.

Mini World Café dicussion and after this sharing of key insights from each group!

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Danielle Cesarov-Zaugg